Tracker Space Pads-Wedge your bets!

Tracker Space Pads-Wedge your bets!
July 25, 2019 Louise Balma
Tracker Space Pads-Wedge your bets! 1

Assorted Tracker Space Pads

In 1975, original Tracker Fultracks were sold including a ½” Finnish Birch wood space pad dyed black. A year later, Tracker Haftracks included a 5/16” wood pad. The Tracker truck retained the low center of gravity mounting option, but if you had large diameter wheels and no wheel wells, you could use the space pads for clearance. In 1977, lightweight rigid space pads injection-molded with high-density polyethylene were introduced by Tracker in a variety of colors. We made one major upgrade by adding more ribs to better hold the Space Pads’ shape. They came in two thicknesses, 5/16” and 9/16”, and also in a 9/16” wedge pad with a five degree angle built in similar to Rad Pads, which initially introduced the wedge pad in heavy solid rubber.

If you angle the truck towards the ends of the skateboard by raising the back of the truck, it will increase the steering angle, resulting in a tighter turning radius. Downhillers often raise the front of their rear truck to reduce the turning angle and decrease the caster effect, which helps eliminate the high speed wobbles. Tracker also produces 1/8” rubber pads that act as a gasket to keep your trucks mounted tight to your deck.

Check out the store to get some vintage Tracker Space Pads, from Larry’s collection of stuff.

Tracker Space Pads-Wedge your bets! 2

1978 Tracker Space pad ad.

Tracker Space Pads-Wedge your bets! 3

1978 Ad in the Skateboard Trade News


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