Tracker Sticker pack

Tracker Sticker pack
January 25, 2017 Louise Balma

Tracker Sticker Pack

Tracker Sticker pack 1

Stick them or collect them included in the Tracker Sticker pack are 10 unique stickers representing much of Trackers forty-year history. Four of the stickers included in the sticker pack are new and six are vintage original stickers not re-issues from the collection of Tracker founder Larry Balma. Get the Tracker Sticker pack in the Tracker Store for $25.00

Stickers included in the Tracker Sticker pack: note colors may vary


Forty-Year Anniversary Sticker

Back in 1975, the Tracker Fultrack was the first truck in history made specifically for skateboarding by skateboarders to incorporate high quality, performance and strength. Trackers truly were (and still are) the Trucks You Can Trust. On Tracker’s 40th anniversary, those four words continue to be the driving force of the brand.

Chuck Edwall was Trackers first graphic artist and creating the Tracker Logos and early ads. He designed the Tracker Star Logo in the late 70’s but it wasn’t used until the 80’s and became Tracker brand for decades. Trackers Forty Anniversary sticker incorporates two of Trackers existing designs the Trucks You Can Trust and the Circle Star logo both strong logos and fitting for the Forty year anniversary sticker.

Two (2) new Forty year stickers two sizes.


Tracker Wing Logo

Artist Chuck Edwall designed the Tracker logo by hand, no computers yet. If you look closely you will see the shape of a wheel with an axle nut in the center. The lines flowing back are speed lines, like a blur coming off the spinning wheel.

Two (2) new Wing Logo stickers two sizes


Tracker Snowman

Inspired by the Carpeteria Genie, the Tracker man logo was conceived and designed in 1985 by artist Craig Stecyk III. Later Tracker artist Jamie Briggs would modify the Tracker Man into a variety of new looks; he donned a tuxedo for an Action Sports Tracker show and a variety of holiday inspired designs over the years one being the Tracker Man Snowman in the early 90’s.

One (1) vintage early 90’s original Tracker Man Snowman sticker


Lester Kasai

Lester chose the oak leaf for his first 1986 Lester Kasai Tracker board graphic. The oak leaf is the Kasai family coat of arms and signifies strength and wisdom. The graphic also featured an ankh, which symbolizes peace and love, and Japanese characters that spelled out “Happy ever after”, which is how Mr. Kasai lives his life.

One (1) vintage 1986 original Lester Kasai board graphic sticker


Dan Wilkes

Born and raised in the Long Star state Dan Wilkes is known as one of the burly Texans, a group of hard-skating friends that included Jeff Phillips (RIP), John Gibson and Craig Johnson. Dan is a lifelong fan of dinosaurs, which inspired this 1986 board graphic, designed by GSD also a dinosaur fan.

One (1) vintage 1986 Dan Wilkes original board graphic sticker


Ollie Wheels

In 1986 Jim Gray , Tracker Pro Skater created a company with Tracker Founder Larry Balma called Brainstorm Designs which set up the Tracker wheel program. The first Tracker wheels were called Ollie wheels.

One (1) vintage 1988 original Ollie Wheel sticker


Tracker Squished Possum

Inspired by Craig Stecyk’s road kill artwork, Tracker artist Rick Froberg created a Street Specimen series of road kill designs. The squished possum sticker was produced in the early 90’s.

One (1) vintage early 90’s original Street Specimen possum sticker


Skaters Only

Designed in the early 80’s by Tracker Trucks founder Larry Balma. It was a sticker that could be used by any skater, no matter what company they rode for, that they could slap over any public sign that didn’t promote skateboarding.

One (1) vintage early 80’s original Skaters Only sticker


The price for this unique and limited offer is $25.00

Tracker Sticker pack 2














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